On Storytelling

So it’s been two months now since I got back in the country, and I haven’t posted a damn thing about what happened in the Caucasus. Barely a handful of photos have even graced my Flickr. Why is that?

Well, to be honest, it’s a long tale, and doing it in a linear “Day X: saw Y & Z!” fashion like most travel blogs just grinds me down and takes the joy out of it. Not to mention there were many boring days that I’d prefer to just not bother recounting. I’ve sat down and started ten drafts on here for different parts of the journey, exciting parts, and just felt the inspiration drain out of me while writing.

So rather than starting from the beginning I’ve decided to just throw out whatever story I feel like instead, in the fashion of all my yarns.┬áCompletely non-linear, whatever strikes my fancy.

I’ll probably start with food.

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