Pack Subtle, Travel Light.

Mmm, Preparations

Mmm, Preparations

I’ve packed for all sorts of trips over the years. Long distance wilderness treks with no resupply, day hikes, heck just a trip around town requires a certain level of preparation when you think about it. “Keys? Wallet? Hat? Awesome!” Packing for a long-term backpacking trip abroad though? This has been a new adventure for me and the hassle of mixing hostels with homestays and a few multi-day wilderness treks hasn’t made it any easier. So let’s … Continue Reading!

Echoes Of The Past In Transcaucasia

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“Armenia? Why the hell do you want to go to Armenia?”
You’ve never left the country in your life, and you’re going to Nagorno-Karabakh? You don’t even speak Russian!”
“Isn’t that place still at war or something?”
“I love that this is a thing, that you are doing this, please don’t die because this is awesome.”

When I first told people I was headed to the Caucasus, to hike through Nagorno-Karabakh and explore … Continue Reading!

The Story of How I Almost Died: Soloing the Stein Traverse.


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After many months, a $1000 Hard Drive recovery job, and much hand wringing, I am ready to bring you a tale of adventure and tribulation, of damaged equipment and gross ill-preparation. This is the detailed version of my earlier post, Musings on Rights of Passage..

In September 2014 I attempted a trip which had been in preparation for years: a solo through hike of the 100km Stein Traverse. Gear was purchased and tested, the body was prepared, courses on … Continue Reading!